100% Bamboo Bed Sheets (300TC)

100% Bamboo Bed Sheets (300TC)

You wake up and look at the clock.  It's 3:14am and you're covered in sweat.  You aren't sick, you're miserably hot and stuffy under the cheap cotton sheets you got as a wedding gift.  You kick off the sheets and fall back asleep only to wake up again at 3:20 because you are now cold.

How many times has the scenario above happened to you?  Getting a good night's sleep requires more than investing in a good mattress.  You need to invest in a quality set of bamboo sheets.

Bamboo is eco-friendly and 100% sustainable.  It also has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and breathes 3% better than cotton.  This means less stuffy nights and less germs!

Bamboo is also incredibly soft.  Thread count has become a bit of a meaningless number.  Manufacturers are now designing sheets for high thread counts instead of comfort.  These 300 thread count bamboo sheets will be softer than a 1000 thread count set of Egyptian cotton.  Bamboo is the cashmere of bedding!

$ 99.00

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